Take a Look Into Our History

The owner of Embassy Auctions International, Lee S Jacobs, was born in the Bronx, New York in 1957.

He attended Dewitt Clinton Highschool and later graduated with a bachelor’s in business.

In Lees younger life, his grandfather, Marc S Pernat, was an avid antiques collector. He taught Lee from a very young age about clocks and various other antiques.

At 15 years of age Lee began buying and selling Antiques himself! In the early 1980s he became interested in jewelry and gemstones. Lee then decided to open a home show jewelry sale business where he would sell everything from diamonds, gold, silver, to other high-quality stones, and gems.

Lee also had an interest in electronics and learned to repair radios and stereos. Eventually his knowledge of electronics allowed him the opportunity to become a purchasing agent for an electronics exporter where he learned the valuable trade.

Lee was later employed by Grumman Aerospace, where he learned about the avionics of the F-14 and other aircrafts within the government programs.

In 1989, from his experience in the electronics trade, he opened his own electronics parts distribution center, which became a great success!

Over the next several years, he traveled to the Orient several times and lived there. He Developed his contacts and built his business.

All through his electronics employment he continued to buy and sell antiques of all kinds. Eventually he had a collection of fine art, clocks, and numerous pieces of quality porcelains.

In 2005, with the purchase of a small auction house, he has built a business based on hard work, ethics, customer service, dedication, and progressive, positive thinking.

Today the auction features high-end antiques, fine art, jewelry, coins, comic books, furniture, vintage electronics, firearms, and militaria.

With the difficulties of auctioning during the Covid 19 Pandemic, his company, Embassy Auctions International, has continued to evolve, thrive, adapt, and prosper.